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Phillip the Fossil

This 2011 festival favorite follows an aging party animal that struggles to find some kind of adult way of life. Phillip (Brian Hasenfus) can't seem to let go of the booze, drugs and girls half his age. 

Director: Garth Donovan

​Starring Brian Hasenfus & Angela Pagliarulo

Original Soundtrack by Joe Kowalski & Adam Sherman

City of Lost Carts

City of Lost Carts follows eccentric LA photographer Shawn Nee as he roams the city exploring his obsession with finding beauty in abandoned shopping carts.

This  short 2008 documentary spawned a blog, Have a Heart, Love a Cart,and a "shopping cart art" subculture.

Directors: Karen Kane & Kurt St. Thomas

​Starring Shawn Nee

"Outside the Electronic Metropolis" by Joe Kowalski 

Olive and the Samurai

In this 2015 short film, strange men keep

harrassing Olive on the street. Becoming increasingly fearful, Olive runs from danger and straight into a Samurai.

Director: Brendan Boogie

​Starring Porcelain Dalya & Jin Kozunoha

Original Score by Joe Kowalski 

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