​​Larry Banilow

Larry Banilow is a 70s-to-80s era soft rock parody act. Captain Sensitive (Neil Graham) and Randy Bedfellow (Joe Kowalski) sing the songs that make the whole world reach for the tissues. Larry Banilow plays the occasional live show, too. Maybe they'll do that again soon.

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Video: Happy Kitty Bunny Pony

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Photo: Michelle Auerbach

Video: Pop A Wheelie


Fünf is a 5-member virtual collaboration that's been going on and off since 2006.  Here's how it goes: Each musician begins one track, leaving plenty of space for the next person.  Round-robin style, the track gets passed around the Fünf until every member has contributed to the track.  At the end, it's a record. There are 5 records so far.