"...I'm a big fan of Joe!"

- Will Burns, Ideasicle podcast


"...I realized we both shared the similar passions for playing various instruments, recording, engineering and Mac computers, and sharing knowledge as a teacher, all of which Joe has seemed to master."

- Bill T. Miller, Orgy of Noise


If you need original or "soundalike" music for your movie, podcast, video or radio show, even your yoga studio, please get in touch with me. I compose and record film scores, soundtracks, original theme and sound logos.  ‚Äč

I've got a great ear for listening to your description of what you're looking for and then delivering exactly the right piece of music. 

On-site or remote, I'm super easy to work with, can give you a quick turn-around, and my rates are reasonable.  



Photo: Ivan Velinov

"Joe is a professional with an incredible knowledge of music/sound, with the technical know-how to creatively capture his plethora of instruments tuned to the heart of your film's very core. His score enhanced my project in ways that I could have never dreamed of and on a affordable budget, Joe took my film from homemade to professional in what felt like the blink of an eye. "

- Garth Brooks, Filmmaker (Phillip the Fossil)