The Elderly
Congealin’’ with The Elderly (2009)

​BAND MEMBER: bass/keys/synths

Larry Banilow
Huggin’ Funshine: 16 Golden Greats (2011)


Space Cranes
“Joy To The World” (2014)

drum programming

Greg Allen's Fringe Religion
Happiness is on the Way (2018)

piano and organ

“New Girl JK Remix” (2017)

studio remix

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Here’s the Thing: (2011)

BAND MEMBER: keyboards, organ


Get in Front of It (2016)


Funf (collective)

Greg Allen's Fringe Religion (2018)

The Luxury
“Let Go Remix” (2007)

studio remix


The Elderly
Early Birdin’ with The Elderly (2014)

BAND MEMBER: bass/keys/synths

Space Cranes
“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (2017)

synths and treatments

Larry Banilow
Pop-a-Wheelie! (2015)


The I Want You
Now That’s What I Call Music (2017)
BAND MEMBER: 8-string bass/vocals/interludes

Joe Kowalski has played every venue in Boston over the years with popular bands like Brownboot, The World's Greatest Sinners, and The I Want You. Joe makes appearances on records, too, whenever bands or studio engineers call needing bass (jazz or 8-string), piano, organ or synth weirdness.

Some of the great records that Joe has contributed to: